Dear Les Nachman from a Champion Dog Breeder

A few weeks ago, I received the advertising about Vitamin C, more specifically Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C. The information was so interesting I immediately ordered two boxes and started using it. I have been taking Vitamin C for 30-40 years and I am a true believer in ‘C’ for myself and for my dogs… I have also taken Intravenous ‘C’ and of course find it excellent, but also very time consuming and inconvenient to take time out to go to a doctor’s office.

Your new solution of Lypo-Spheric Vitamin C was indeed very interesting. I found quick results, proving to me it truly works as You claim.  I am 68 years old and like many older people I would get bleeding under the skin, which of course is quite visible on your hands and comes with dark patches. I know this was a weakness in the collagen of the blood vessels, but my regular Vitamin C intake of 1,000 mg daily did not prevent it. Within a week your ‘C’ worked on my hands and all the dark patches under my skin disappeared. For someone interested in nutrition this was truly impressive proving that Vitamin C gets into the bloodstream where it is needed.

I am a dog breeder, one of the top breeders of Schnauzers. We feed all our dogs raw meaty bones and insist on it when we sell our pups.  We also want our dogs to get Vitamin C and Vitamin E daily as well as a multiple vitamin. I’m always looking to improve my nutrition recommendations. A happy puppy buyer is of course a repeat customer.

Sylvia Hammarstrom
Sebastopol, CA

*LivOn Labs cannot recommend our products for dogs however we are glad Sylvia and other pet owners are happy with our products.