Direct ingestion of GSH (Glutathione) and Liposomal Technology

liposome diagram

This diagram of a liposome cutaway shows how the tails of phospholipids turn inward to form a bi layer membrane, and in so doing encapsulate a therapeutic agent.

Young, normally functioning cells produce their own GSH. As we age or cells become diseased, the production of this essential molecule decreases and can even stop. Also, as cells are subjected to more and more oxidative stresses such as free radicals, toxins, and pathogenic attacks the cell’s normal production process is unable to keep up with the need. At this point, GSH supplementation becomes important.

Until recently, the only way to boost GSh levels was by intravenous injection or by ingestion of precursors (raw materials the body can use to build the GSH molecule).  This is because GSH cannot survive the human digestive process. Juices in the stomach break the GSH molecule into three different components. Since the monitoring of GSH blood levels after ingestion of glutathione-rich foods does not show a signifcant change in GSH blood levels,  one can deduce that the dismantled GSH is not reassembled from the pieces after entering the bloodstream.

Revolutionary liposomal technology allows direct oral ingestion of intact GSH molecules

The essential phospholipids used in liposomal vitamin C encase GSH in submicroscopic bubbles that are impervious to digestive juices. They are able to pass through the stomach and into the small intestine where they easily pass through the intestinal wall with their unaltered GSH. No other delivery system can transport more non-degraded, bio-available GSH into your system.

This technology is so poweful Robert D. Milne, MD has written an entire book about Liposomal Encapsulation Technology. To read more about this amazing technology buy Liposomal Encapsulation Technology.