LivOn Labs High Commission Affiliate Program FAQs

high commission affiliate program

How does the high commission affiliate program work?
LivOn Labs currently has two programs to help businesses and individuals make money. One is our distributor program, which gives you wholesale pricing for our products. This entails ordering bulk amounts of product and handling orders and shipping. This option may not be for everyone despite the higher margins involved. The other program LivOn Labs instituted, is an affiliate program. Our affiliate program allows you to sell LivOn Labs’ products without having to carry inventory risk or maintain a store front.

All you need is a website or a way to share your unique affiliate link (business cards, etc.). Upon signing up, you will receive a unique URL that you can provide to potential customers.

How much commission do I make?
Currently LivOn Labs pays 5-8% commission on sales. The good news is, if you are able to sell consistently LivOn Labs will automatically raise you to the next commission tier until you reach the maximum, which is 8% commission on sales. We have lower commission rates than some programs because we allow you to earn recurring commissions. Unlike other programs, we feel if you sent us a loyal customer, you deserve to be compensated for the life of that customer, as long as they order directly from LivOn Labs.

Do people have to buy the product right away to receive commission?
Our system allows us to track potential customers for 90 days. Therefore if you send us a visitor who checks our website and decides to make a purchase within three months, you are guaranteed to receive commissions on those sales.

Where do I put my unique affiliate link?
When you sign up for our Affiliate program you are given access to your own dashboard. This will show your current commissions, traffic being tracked, how close you are to your next payout, and most importantly, a marketing section (to the left), which will have banner ads you can copy and paste to your website. This will allow your website visitors to click on the banner ad and shop at using your unique URL.

How do I sign up?
Signing up is quick and easy. Follow the link below and create your login. You will need basic information such as name, address and social or tax payer identification numbers. After you sign up and are approved (normally within 48 hours) you can begin optimizing your website.

LivOn Labs Affiliate Program Sign Up

What sort of content is not approved for the affiliate program?

Every website is reviewed for content due to federal regulations on the supplement industry. Often times we may approve an account to allow you to view the dashboard however this does not mean you are approved for the program. After a full website review, we will notify you of any issues. The type of content not allowed is any that misrepresents LivOn Labs, make unsubstantiated claims, or we feel does not suit our brand.